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Soulscale/Part-time Millionaire Cash Practice Coaching

Client was looking to utilize LinkedIn to lead generate more clients for her weight loss business.  She was looking to target personal trainers and relationship coaches (life, dating, relationship, mft-marital and family therapy, and NLP) nationally.  In addition, she wanted to run two other campaigns focused on her chiropractic coaching business targeting chiropractors and another side campaign to her weight loss campaign targeting HR execs/owners/directors/presidents/VPs and CEOs of local businesses to do lunch and learns.The obstacles to this was trying to make her LinkedIn profile congruent to all the different targets she wanted to connect with. Each campaign had different outreach messaging and required different strategy which we ran simultaneously. And last but not least- a pandemic broke out in the middle of the campaign.  The campaign ran for 3 months and delivered 744 new connections in a matter of 10 weeks (244 DCs, 202 Coaches, 161 trainers, and 137 local businesses).  Engagements totaled 257.  127 in 7 days (21 DCs for her mastermind group, 19 lunch and learns, and 87 for her soul scale business).  In addition, traffic to her website went from 2 visits/month to 330 the first month to 550 the next two months.

Beyond B School

Client was focused on generating leads specifically on Linkedin targeting MBAs.  Client has a relationship with MBA schools nationally and internationally and wanted to expand his services to MBAs directly.  Campaign has been ongoing for the past 2 years and has generated 8766 MBA connections. What can you do with 8k+ of your ideal target audience?!

Dultmeier Sales

We started a re-targeting campaign on the company’s website focusing on the web and facebook.  The campaign is still ongoing but in the span of two months the results have been astounding- Over 6.6M impressions with over 2400 conversions.  We’ve spent $18.3k in ad spend for a total revenue exceeding $371,815. The true total is undefined as 576 conversions of the 2400 total that were triggered did not generate an order id number.  We suspect that the revenue generated is north of $400k in a span of 10 weeks.

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